“Indonésie au Carrousel du Louvre” Exhibition Edward Hutabarat by BEST OF INDONESIA

"Indonesia at the Carrousel du Louvre" exhibits twenty-two photographs captured by renowned Indonesian artist Edward Hutabarat."

These photographs highlight the magic, colors and ancestral rhythms that characterize an Indonesia marked by a singular modernity. Travel photos of fabric, its manufacture, batik, the weaving craft known to the world of art and fashion. Photos of the world's largest Buddhist temple, BOROBUDUR, emblematic of Indonesia and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Icons of Indonesian civilization in the form of naturally colored fabrics from Sumba, Timor, Tenganan Bali, Sumbawa, Sumatra, Ulos de Samosir and Songket de Sumatra.

Each image is an open window on the age-old know-how that remains part of the country's social fabric.


According to Nina Hanafi, this event is the most spectacular staging of Indonesia ever to take place in Paris, to raise the profile of Indonesia in Paris.


The inauguration of the exhibition is an unforgettable spectacle in the wonderful aisles of the Carrousel du Louvre. An unusual event that appeals to all the senses.

Photos, dance, music, song, gastronomy... An exceptional presence from the internationally renowned Anguun, who delights the ears.

Mannequins adorned in traditional fabrics parade along to music. A tasting of culinary specialties from the Indonesian archipelago, prepared by the Djakarta Bali restaurant, is offered during the cocktail reception.


The exhibition is organized by Best of Indonesia, the Paris-based digital start-up dedicated to promoting Indonesia's traditions and contemporaneity to the public.

Founded in 2021 by Nina HANAFI, who also heads the Indonesian diaspora network in France, Best of Indonesia affixes its BOI label to the country's best brands. These flagships embody talent, beauty, gastronomy and the art of living... and have everything it takes to conquer the world.

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Prolyx designer and photographer Edward Hutabarat, or "edo_the journey" on Instagram, is an Indonesian designer and figurehead of Indonesian fashion, dedicated to preserving traditional techniques and motifs, while introducing elements of pure modernism.

The exhibition features Edward's work on the temple of Borobudur, Sumba and Timor under the title "SELIMUT NUSANTARA", or "Archipelago Blankets".

Edward explains the story behind "Selimut Nusantara", inspired by the natural and cultural riches of Indonesia, in particular the region of Sumba, east of Nusa Tenggara, with the sole aim of sharing the beauty, richness, craftsmanship and wisdom of Indonesian culture.

As its name suggests, "Selimut Nusantara" is a collection of woven blankets, a weaving base made from 100% natural materials.

This type of blanket has been used in daily life and ceremonies celebrating births, weddings and funerals for hundreds of years.

In the intimacy of "Selimut Nusantara", visitors to the Carrousel du Louvre are no longer mere spectators; they become travelers on a cultural Odyssey.

The journey through this exhibition reveals to the public captivating tales of Indonesian resilience, tradition and unwavering spirit. "Selimut Nusantara" is at once a celebration, a testament and an exploration: an ode to Indonesia's vibrant heritage. Inviting the world to enter its timeless beauty.


Nina Hanafi, founder of BEST OF INDONESIA, is also president of the Indonesian diaspora network in France, IDNF.

The BOI label for Best of Indonesia distinguishes the very best of Indonesia. The bridge between Indonesia's treasures and the world.

Seeking the support of philanthropists, private companies and government bodies, BOI's main aim is to introduce quality products from Indonesia, opening up opportunities for collaboration.

When Nina Hanafi, a master of Indonesian flavors and culture, founded Djakarta Bali, a Balinese restaurant in Paris's first arrondissement, in 1984, she entrusted the management of operations to Violetta Suganda, who masterfully directs the restaurant's cuisine. Romanticism and a change of scenery, delights, dinner shows with Balinese dances every 1st Friday of the month. She has also published a book of Indonesian recipes, "Easy Indonesie", in June 2023.

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The event is supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia, the Indonesian Embassy in Paris and the Comité d'animation culturelle Paris 1, represented by its president Carla Arigoni.

The initiative, orchestrated by innovative start-up BEST OF INDONESIA, was warmly welcomed by Mr. HILMAR FARID, Director General of Culture at the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology.

The Indonesian Ambassador to France, Mohamad Oemar, expressed his total support for the spirit and concept of the exhibition: "This exhibition will give you a glimpse of the country, which will encourage you to make the journey to discover the islands of the Indonesian archipelago, and on board our national airline, Garuda Indonesia".

A competition will be held to win 2 Garuda tickets, a gourmet dinner at the Djakarta Bali restaurant and an autographed EASY INDONESIA book.


An atypical venue in the heart of Paris, Le Carrousel du Louvre has the art of combining shopping and culture. The center brings together over 10,000 m² of stores, more than 7,000 m² of conference and exhibition space, the Studio Théâtre de la Comédie Française and a legendary work of art: the Inverted Pyramid, designed by architect Leoh Ming Pei. Its noble, grandiose architecture and privileged location give tourists and Parisians alike direct access to the Louvre Museum. An undeniable asset for the center, which welcomed 15.9 million visits in 2019. Open 7 days a week, Le Carrousel du Louvre has been offering its prestigious setting to the general public since 1993. Its premium brands such as Caudalie, Fragonard, La Maison du Chocolat and Swatch, as well as its original events program, confirm its position as one of Paris's leading shopping and cultural venues.

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Written by : Angia Vaudron 


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