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Top 5 Best Beaches in Indonesia

Indonesia is an archipelagic country that has 5 large islands and is surrounded by thousands of small islands among them. It is famous for its endless stretch of coastline and has a variety of cultures from each island. Millions of beaches and oceans are very charming and exotic. You will be pampered by the blue sea water, the beautiful golden sand between your feet, the waves crashing on your ears, and the warm sun on your skin. A paradise for surfing, snorkeling, and diving enthusiast. Here's the list of 10 of the best beaches in Indonesia that you must visit!

1. Pink Beach, Komodo Island

Pink Beach is located on Komodo Island, West Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. About 40 km from Labuan Bajo. It is one of the seven pink beaches in the world. The reddish-pink color is due to the red pigment in coral reefs produced by microscopic animals called Foraminifera.

The beach looks more photogenic because it is surrounded by mountains, and hills and has a istinctive
coastline. Swimming and snorkeling are the main activities on this beach, tourists will be spoiled by the clear warm seawater, and the beauty of various species of fish and sea coral. In addition, tourists can climb to the top of Sabana hill, and they will see some beautiful spots on the island, and the view from the top of this tourist location, the color of the sea which is graded from dark blue to light blue, and coral on the coast.



2. Nihiwatu Beach, Sumba



Nihiwatu Beach is about 30 km from Waikabubak City, West Sumba
Regency, East Nusa Tenggara. According to CNN's version, Nihiwatu Beach
is among the 20 best beaches in the world. This beach is far from the
crowds of the city and has a quiet, comfortable atmosphere, perfect for
tourists who want to be alone and enjoy the natural atmosphere, beaches,
and the beauty of the sea. The sand is golden white and surrounded by
green hills.

As one of the favorite beaches for surfing, the waves are ready to play
with surfers from all over the world. Surfers call The Nihiwatu waves God's
Left. They have a rule that surfers cannot surf at the same time, a
maximum of 10 people, and other surfers must wait their turn, this is
done for the safety and security of surfers.

Apart from surfing, tourists can do other activities such as releasing
turtles on the beach, riding horses on the beach or in the brownishyellow
savanna in summer, and walking along the coastline while
enjoying the view of the open sea and sunset

3. Gigi Hiu Beach, Lampung

Gigi Hiu Beach is located in Kelumbayan Village, Lampung,
overlooking the waters of the Indian Ocean, this beach has big waves.
Called shark teeth because they come from rocky formations that
vary between 1 to 10 meters and are similar to shark teeth.

Gigi Hiu Beach or in English called Shark Teeth beach, is not as scary
as its name, and there are no sharks at all, but otherwise, this beach
has beautiful views and is different from other beaches, especially
when the sun rises and the sun sets. This invites photography
enthusiasts to come and compete with their cameras.

When tourists come, they will not be greeted with warm white sand
and clear seawater, but with high and large rocks scattered on the
beach. Shark Tooth Beach has quite large waves and many rocks.
This beach is not suitable for recreation and water activities such as
snorkeling and diving. We can enjoy the beach a little when the sea
water is low tide.

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4. Ngurtafur Beach, Kei Islands




Ngurtafur Beach is located in the Banda Sea area and is located on
Warbal Island, Kei Islands, Southeast Maluku Regency. "Ngur" means
sand and "Tafur" means raised, this Ngurtafur beach means white sand

When the seawater is low tide, a stretch of sand will appear along
approximately 2 km which divides the ocean into 2 parts. We are like
walking in the middle of the sea. Sometimes, if we are lucky, we will be
accompanied by pelicans who do live near the beach and their friends,
leatherback turtles/ belimbing turtles, called Tabob by local people.

The right time to visit this beach is around April-
May and October-December based on weather
forecasts. Don't forget to bring swimming
clothes, snorkeling, and snacks/lunch because
there are no restaurants and places to borrow
swimming equipment around.

5. Tanjung Bira Beach, Sulawesi Island

Tanjung Bira Beach is located in the Bulukumba district, South
Sulawesi Province. The beach is famous for its exotic, white sand
that is soft like flour, the clear sea water is light blue.
This beach is quite complete because it has diving equipment
rental facilities, restaurants, boat rentals for water activities,
motorbikes, and ferry ports, even though it is 40 km from
Bulukumba City.

There are many things to do on this beach, of course, the main
thing is snorkeling and diving to enjoy the beauty of the underwater
world, don't forget to go to Liukang Loe island which is famous as
the best diving spot. While basking in the sun while enjoying the
fresh wind that blows and watching the charm of the sunset.

Besides that it is also famous as a place for traditional shipbuilding
in South Sulawesi, tourists can also see the process of making
traditional boats.

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Written by : Sabrina Atmadjaya


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