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Top 5 Best Excursion Destinations in Indonesia

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1. Hiking at Mount Rinjani

To start off our list of best excursion destinations in Indonesia, we come to the island of Lombok where one of the most coveted excursion destinations reside, Mount Rinjani.

The mountain is the second highest point in Indonesia but its beauty is unmatched. Though a challenging 8KM hike awaits you, once finished you’ll be handsomely rewarded with magnificent views, one of which is the Lake Segara Anak which will blow you away with its turquoise hued waters.

The edge of the lake also nestles Mount Barujari, an active volcano which spews constant clouds of smoke, a reminder of the powerful forces of nature right beneath the trekker’s feet.

2. Sailing to Labuan Bajo Island

Second on our list is Labuan Bajo Island which was once a fishing village in the far ends of Flores, now sits as the main hub to one of the most sought after wonders across Indonesia, East Nusa Tenggara. Travellers can go there easily with the opening of the Komodo International Airport and it is a wonderful excursion destination year round as the sun always shines there.

Here travellers can easily charter a private liveaboard boat to take them on a luxurious cruise around the island to places such as Kelor Island, Pink Rock & Kalong Island.

Labuan Bajo is also known as the city of sunset as travellers are pampered at the end of the day by being shown the magnificent sunset reflected on the clear waters of the island, a good vantage point are places such as Cinta Hill, Amelia Hill, and Silvia hill, a must visit overall!

3. Lava Tour at Merapi

For the third destination on our list, we call out the extreme tourist inside you as we go to Mount Merapi and go on a lava tour!. This active mountain off of the coast of Yogyakarta is turned into a tourism destination to fuel your adrenaline rush, and on this 2 hour off-road trip you’ll be taken down the winding path of Merapi and see the magnificent forces of nature firsthand.

On the trip you’ll get the rare chance to see the lava and smoke of Mount Merapi up close and many key points such as the remnants of the villages affected by the eruption, the nearby rivers, and the bunkers used to protect themselves from the eruption. On the way home, you can take the scenic route through Kali Kuning or translated to Yellow River, while the road is adrenaline pumping, the scenery is serene and will bring a great end to the trip.

4. Day Trip to Tanah Lot Temple

Fourth on our list, is Tanah Lot temple, the most famous of the seven sacred sea temples in Bali. Set on a cliffside opposite the roaring waves, Tanah Lot perfectly embodies Bali’s beauty, from the gate you are welcomed by a gate with traditional Balinese architecture and inside there lies the Tanah Lot temple and many other smaller temples surrounding it.

Tanah Lot holds many attractions inside other than the temples such as its holy caves, its sacred water source, all the way to arts and crafts shops and restaurants filled with Balinese food. In addition to that, Tanah Lot is also one of the must-see places if you want to witness Bali’s rich cultural heritage up close as it hosts many religious ceremonies such as Piodalan ceremony which is held every 210 days, so save the date!

5. Sunrise at Mount Bromo

To top off our list we come to Mount Bromo, part of the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, its breathtaking views are surely one that will be added to your bucket list!. A 4 hour drive from the city of Surabaya, East Java, Mount Bromo attracts tourists from all over the world due to its beauty and it is known for being a staple hiking destination in Indonesia, most of all to see the sunrise in a way you’ve never seen before.

To see the sunrise by tour, you can be picked up in the nearby city of Malang at midnight and make your way to King kong hill, the highest viewpoint to fully soak in the sunrise. The fun doesn't stop there!, after sunrise, you’ll also be taken on a tour to explore places such as Love hill, the Bromo crater, all the way to the surrounding Savannah, and make sure you take lots of photos to remember the journey!

Written by : Dylan Arnaz


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