Top 5 Best Historical Museums in Indonesia

1. House of Sampoerna

Located in East Java, Surabaya. The house of Sampoerna is a tobacco museum and also the Headquarters of the conglomerate group Sampoerna that trademarked the world famous cloves cigarette. Its signature dutch colonial architecture that was built in 1892 have then expanded into a bigger housing complex which visitor could enjoy. 

Here you could ventures into a journey through time and space to the Golden Days of Surabaya in the early 1900s where it played a central role in the Indonesian trade epicentrum and Sampoerna standing proud in the middle of it. 

2. Ullen Sentalu Museums


The Ullen Sentalu museums is a Javanese culture museum located in Kaliurang highlands, Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia. The museum is a reflection of the thousands of years of the Javanese civilization all combined into a space of 1,2 hectares. 

Here visitors could experience displays of relics and artifacts from the royal houses of the Javanese kingdoms and the more ancient Hindu-Buddha civilizations. 

For many who are able to visit, more than just a museum, Ullen Sentalu is a place for them to find a spiritual clarity and a place for self-reflection.

3. The Wayang Museums of Indonesia

Located in the old town of Batavia in West Jakarta, the Wayang Museum is a museum dedicated to the UNESCO world heritage of the Javan Wayang puppetry. Its original structure was built in 1640 that serves as a church for the early Dutch colonizers. 

In 1939, during the last reign of the dutch indies governor, the church use is converted to serve as a Museum. Now, the Museums collects up to 4,000 Wayang collection,  that includes Wayang from China and also Cambodia. 

Visitor will guaranteed to feel a sense of shiver when entering the museum as some of the more ancient Wayang from Central Java is believed to posses mythical power!

4 . Satriamandala Museum


Located in the protocol street of the capitol Jakarta, the Satriamandala museum is a museum dedicated to the fighters of the Indonesian democracy and is the main museum for the Indonesian Armed Forces. 

Satriamandala derives from the sanskrit word that means “the sacred place of the knights” The museum used to be the home of the first Indonesian President Soekarno that is called the Wisma Yaso. 

The Museum holds numerous war memorabilia, weapons, and vehicles. here Visitor could witness firsthand the draft of the Indonesian proclamation of Independence in Sukarno’s own handrwritings. 

5. Danar Hadi Batik Museum

Danar Hadi started out in 1967 as a family runned business that produces small batch hand made Batik. Since then it has grown into a nationwide benchmark for High Quality Batik. 

The Danar Hadi Batik Museum is located in Solo, Central Java. The museum collects a total collection of 10,000 sheets of Batik and is acknowledged by MURI (Indonesian Record Museum). 

The existence of Solo as a City of Batik cannot be separated from the status of the city which was once the center of Javanese civilization through Islamic Mataram and Surakarta Sunanate.

while visiting this museum it is advised to bring some extra money as the museum also serves as Danar Hadi flagship store!

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