Top 5 Indonesian Dishes You Need to Try

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The diversity of spices in Indonesia is one that cannot be ,matched by many others, and with the diversity of spices, plenty of dishes are born to give your taste buds a treat. So let us take you on a trip across Indonesia, a trip that your appetite will not want to miss. Without further ado, for the foodies out there, Best of Indonesia presents to you the 5 Indonesian dishes you need to try.

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Some of the dishes in the list were also purposely selected as they are available in Djakarta Bali This can make Djakarta Bali a gateway for prospective buyers from France to be aware of Indonesia’s level of quality first hand.

1. Rendang

Topping off our list is Beef Rendang, one of Indonesia’s most renowned dishes as it consistently tops the list of the best dishes in the world such as CNN’s World’s 50 Best Foods.

Rendang is a slow cooked beef braised in coconut milk and lathered with spices. The dish is famous for being tender and flavorful beyond compare, an overall must try!

It’s the favored dish of the people of Minangkabau and is regularly served at Nasi Padang or Padang Rice Restaurants such as Pagi Sore, one of the most famous Padang Rice Restaurants.


2. Peanut Sauce Salad

Affectionately called Gado-Gado by locals, this dish is a salad of mixed vegetables and compressed rice covered in thick and luscious peanut sauce dressing.

The dish is very hearty and can be a good breakfast to fuel you for the day. it is also vegetarian friendly.

This dish is Jakarta’s most popular street food offering and you can find it in food carts lined along Jakarta’s streets.


3. Fried Rice

Nasi Goreng or Fried Rice in English is Indonesia’s take on fried rice filled to the brim with Indonesia’s most coveted spices.

Indonesia’s fried rice is seasoned with garlic, crushed chilis, and sweet Indonesian soy sauce among others, and is usually complemented with chicken, satay, or a fried egg. It is zesty and full of the taste of umami and more importantly, cheap.

There are also many different types to choose from as different regions of Indonesia has their own version of fried rice with their specialty touches

4. Chicken Noodles

Bakmie Ayam or Chicken Noodles in English is a common Indonesian street food that is derived from Chinese cuisine.

The noodles are served al dente and topped with rich chicken broth and a mixture of diced chicken, mushrooms, and seasoning. The warm broth and the savory chicken give a homey feeling making it one of the staple Indonesian comfort foods.

This dish is usually served by travelling cart vendors and can be enjoyed at any time of the day.


5. Satay Ayam

First off on our list is Satay or Indonesian Chicken Skewers. Satay is usually Beef or Chicken marinated in Indonesian sweet soy sauce, skewered, grilled on premise, and drizzled with thick peanut sauce.

It has a signature flavour of the smokey taste from the charcoal grill combined with the juicy meat and delectable sauce. It is served as not only one of the mainstays of Indonesian street food such as the likes of but also elevated to luxury restaurants , one of which is Sate Senayan


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